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Show Me, Don't Just Tell Me

In this episode, Mike walks you through all of the questions you NEED to ask when you get your car repaired.

Spare You Time

This episode is jam packed with auto repair tips for consumers. Sending your child off to college in a car - well it's not too soon to start preparing for the school season. Mike will give you practical advice to keep your child safe when they are far away. And what about that spare? Let us spare you frustration because Mike talks about the ONE thing you'll want to have done when you have a flat tire.

It's Preventable

Summer is upon us, as are road trips. In our conversation with Cathy Chase, President of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, we highlight 3 preventable ways that YOU can help reduce vehicle collisions and fatalities.

We Answer Your Questions

Do you ever feel like you wish you had someone to call and ask your car questions to? What if you want to double check your on the right track? That's us! Every Saturday 8AM EST we answer listener questions and calls (407) 916-1041.

A Dent in Time

We talk to Dave Rojas with Signature Collision Centers to help protect your wallet and your family at the auto body shop.

Don't Leave Home without this ONE Accident Tip

In this episode we look at HOW to help protect yourself after an accident. Joining our conversation is Attorney Brian Pink with Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys with great tips to help you keep yourself and your family safe.

Roadtrips - Best Spots in Florida

Today we are talking about roadtrips – later in the show we have a special guest, Jade from Vagabond3 family travel bloggers, to help us find some of the coolest spots right here in Florida.

Size is Important

Mike passes on the tricks and tips for getting your money's worth when it comes to tires - don't waste your money on the wrong tire for your car.

What's the deal with recalls?

There is so much confusion about recalls and we'll try to help clear up the confusion and help you navigate vehicle recalls. Along with the best tips and most reliable places to seek out this information.

When to RUN

On this episode of the Car Advice Hour we focus on when to RUN - what makes for a bad auto repair experience? what makes for a bad auto repair shop?

New Year, New Station!

We are kicking off 2021, same great show, new station. Listen to the Car Advice Hour every Saturday morning at 10am on 96.9 FM The Game or find us on the IHeartRadio App.

1 Year Anniversary Episode

It's our one year anniversary! We'll walk you through the best way to find your auto repair shop.

A NEW tire that is 3 years old? We'll help you avoid this.

Mike and his crew talk about the importance of tire dates, what to look out for and how to do it.

Part 1: Don't Sell, Hold on to that Vehicle

Part 1: Learn how you can keep your vehicle longer. Follow these maintenance tips and you can hang onto that car longer and save yourself money in the long run.

Stop! Let's talk brakes

What do you think will go out first - front or rear brakes?

Are your car parts 24K gold?

Do you know what auto repair shops should be telling you about parts you pay for in a repair?

Ever wonder what the Car Advice Hour is all about?

Here's a sneak peek!

Tis better to lease or buy your next car?

We smash a lot of myths around leasing and buying cars and what to consider...

Myth vs Reality: Part 2

Lets say just say we start talking about the Godfather and the karate kid.   Then we talk myths versus reality with your car.  Would it be better to drive your truck with the tailgate down?  Would you save gas with your windows down?  

Shop Talk

Rob Nestor, manager with Universal Tire & Auto, business man of the month for the city of Longwood, FL joins Mike in the studio to help you identify what makes for a good auto repair shop.

Route 66

It's July 4th and boy do we talk about a lot - from Ray Charles to leaking A/C systems to the iconic Route 66. Happy 4th!

True or False - Will hand sanitizer explode in your car?

We take listener questions.

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